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  • Along with a strict diet, I took 4D's 4th Quarter protein along with 4D Clean Energy for over a month, and have seen some amazing results. I started taking the protein and the Clean Energy during my bulking stage (all- natural), and almost immediately saw a difference not only in my workouts, but also post workout energy levels (much higher than before). I stopped my bulking stage 2 weeks ago and started cutting fat and calories out of my diet, as well as limiting my carbohydrate intake ( I wanted to see how ell these supplements supported both diets). The carbohydrates and electrolytes (and obviously the protein) have since worked wonders. Both the protein and Clean Energy were a totally new form of supplementation I have never been introduced to ( I've been lifting since my freshman year of high school for football), and absolutely love it. www.TeamDropTheHammer.com

    Sean VanAucker, Founder Team Drop The Hammer