4th Quarter Health & Fitness Interview

 Louisiana Health & Fitness 4th Quarter Article (Nov 2012)

Jason, what is 4th Quarter?

4th quarter is an advanced protein, carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement drink. The blend is designed to be the perfect fuel for athletes, without all of the fillers and artificial ingredients. This will benefit the performance and recovery for major sport athletes, such as football, basketball and baseball. The endurance athletes’ (runners, triathletes, cyclists) and Crossfit-style regimens would be enhanced by adding this to their program as well. The four-part combination of protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins are of the highest quality, and it shows with the overall mixability and absorption.

What does 4th Quarter represent?

This is an inherent idea within the game of football. As the 3rd quarter ends, we transition to the other side of the field. Players would jog and hold up four fingers. This represents not only their stamina, but that the team, as a unit, has put in the work to win. The 4th Quarter is where the game is won. This is the one term I found that encompassed so many aspects of sports. Has the athlete trained enough, conditioned enough, eaten right, practiced enough? If so, they will have more left in them than the competition. Of course, this term reflects all other sports and competing athletes as well. Finishing strong and setting personal records are definitely common goals that every athlete shares.

Why did 4D focus on this type of supplement?

We felt there is a big hole in supplements designed to help real athletes replenish from grueling training days. Almost all companies focus on strictly protein for athletes. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe protein helps build muscle. But the reality is that when you put yourself through a two-hour, full-pad practice in the middle of August, or run ten miles at a seven-minute pace, your body needs to replenish everything it lost. Protein is just a part of that puzzle. Pure carbohydrates and electrolytes complete it.

Let’s get into the formula. What makes your protein unique from other products?

Well, 4th Quarter combines two of the most advanced, high biological value proteins: whey isolate and egg white albumen. This combination provides an immediate delivery of nutrients to the muscles from the fast-acting whey protein, plus a sustained release from the pure white egg albumen. There are no lactose or fillers added that can lead to the allergies and bloating associated with lesser-quality proteins.

What makes 4th Quarter’s carbohydrates better?

4th Quarter utilizes only the purest and most natural form of carbohydrates available, using scientifically validated, pharmaceutical-grade glucose as the only source. Research has shown that glucose is a primary source of energy for the brain and that it also reacts non-specifically with the amino groups of proteins, so no enzymes are affected. No sucrose or fructose has been added; these refined sugars have been linked to major health problems, such as diabetes and obesity. With this super-carb, your immune system remains stronger and your appetite is more consistent.

So besides a superior blend of protein and carbohydrates, what else does 4th Quarter offer?

The 4th Quarter blend replaces and balances all electrolytes lost during competition. Calcium, magnesium, potassium chloride and sodium are all key, critical electrolytes that need to be replaced after workouts/training/practice. Also, we have included a potent combination of natural, plant-based additives to propel the body’s digestive system efficiency for a better nutrient absorption rate. This helps the body utilize natural energy, which promotes long-term performance gains. Sounds like a solid profile.

How does it taste?

That’s the best part. It’s an all-natural cookies and cream flavor sweetened with Stevia. It was literally a labor of love. We went through ten months of development just for this flavor profile. I knew it had to taste good enough that coaches and athletes would never worry about it being a consistent part of their regimen. We also didn’t compromise it staying clean and pure. The all-natural flavoring and sweetener took many back-and-forths, but we finally nailed it.

How do you mix it?

4th Quarter comes in a 3 lb., 30-serving bucket that you mix in 10 ounces of water per scoop. The difficulty of mixing most protein products was another obstacle we tackled. 4th Quarter mixes so easily in a shaker bottle that no blenders or blender bottles are necessary. The mixture blends so fine, we even drink it through a squirt bottle.

Who’s already using it in the local market?

Of course, we will look to be sold in the same locations with our pre-workout Clean Energy (Smoothie KIngs, Elmwood Fitness Centers, Robert Fresh Markets). We also see 4th Quarter in college and high school athletic programs. After just trying the sample bottles we provided, John Curtis and West Monroe High have already brought the product into their programs. Our formula is also NCAA compliant, so Tulane University has started purchasing and providing it to their athletes. We have been in contact with many Division 1 collegiate and top-tier high school strength coaches. They have been waiting for a product like this. One they can put their stamp of approval on to enhance their athletes’ and teams’ performance. We’re glad to be that product!

Thanks, Jason! we’re looking forward to seeing 4th Quarter in retail locations!