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Sean VanAucker, Founder Team Drop The Hammer

Along with a strict diet along with 4D for over a month, and have seen some amazing results. I started taking 4D during my bulking stage (all- natural), and almost immediately saw a difference not only in my workouts, but also post workout energy levels (much higher than before). I stopped my bulking stage 2 weeks ago […]

Gene Bischoff, New Orleans LA

Hi my name is Gene Bischoff a member of NOTC, 15 th Street Flyers and the Chalmette Track Clubs. I have been running for over 20 yrs. In recent years I have had two accidents causing me to have two knee surgeries and a foot ailment misdiagnosed by 4 doctors. I am happy to say […]

Neil Buie,
IMFL 2012 Finisher

I am a Tri-Athlete. My body needs the clean, fast acting total performance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that 4D provides. Excellent results and recovery. 4D was part of my supplement routine for my IronMan training and race. Complete awesomeness in a bottle!!